Friday, November 8, 2013

Cased NOT Closed

Just finished reading Case Closed by Posner.  He does great research, but he seems to suffer from the same issues he accuses conspiracy theorists of.  Whenever someone changes their testimony, if it was a conspiracy witness, then they are finally accepting the truth.  If it was a lone gunman witness, then they are looking for a book deal or are being influenced by conspiracy nuts.  Anyway, I ran into a note he has on pg 367 that talked about the book Contract on America, by David Scheim and it said there were a number of witnesses who identified Ruby in Houston on Thursday, 1 day before the assassination in Dallas.  JFK visited Houston that day and if Ruby were there, it would indicate that he was "scouting" the JFK entourage in order to plan for the assassination.  Posner says, "One of the Houston witnesses claimed Ruby had a scar on the left side of his face.  Ruby had no such scar, yet Scheim contends it was "perhaps noticeable only in the background of heavy stubble." 

It took awhile, there are few left profile close-ups of Ruby, but I finally ran across this one just after his arrest in the Dallas PD.  There IS a clear scar in the middle of his left cheek, just where his lower jaw is.  That lends credibility to the witnesses who claimed he was in Houston to scout the JFK entourage there.  Posner needs to do a little more research and not just reach conclusions without actually looking at the evidence.

Posner also makes claims that all the unnatural deaths associated with the assassination were simply coincidence.  "Bill Hunter (accidental shooting) and Jim Koethe (murdered). Both were reporters who had stopped by Ruby's apartment on Nov 24, 1963, after the shooting of Oswald.  There, they spoke to one of Ruby's attorney's, Tom Howard, Ruby's roommate, George Senator, and a friend of his, Jim Martin.  That was the extent of their association with the case.  Both wrote about the Nov 24 visit and described it innocuously.  Hunter was killed in California when someone dropped a pistol and it accidentally discharged.  The Dallas police believed Koethe's murder was the result of a fight with a gay lover." 
What Posner leaves out is that Hunter was killed in the Long Beach Police Station by a Long Beach Policeman.  The policeman first claimed that he dropped the gun and it accidentally fired.  When the ballistics didn't match that scenario, the policeman "admitted" he was "playing a game of quickdraw" and "accidentally" shot Hunter who was sitting at his desk in the pressroom.  Koethe was murdered by a sharp blow to the neck while he as coming out of the shower.  His gay lover was not a Judo expert as far as I know.

Posner writes "Dorothy Kilgallen (drug and alcohol overdose) was a nationally syndicated reporter.  Marrs claims she ""had private interview with Ruby"" and was going to break open the case.  Her "private" interview with Ruby was when she spoke to him for a few minutes during a recess in the courtroom during his trial, surrounded by other reporters.  There was no scoop pending by the time Kilgallen drank herself to death."
Kilgallen was not surrounded by other reporters when she interviewed Ruby.  She swung a deal with Ruby's lawyer and took him into a small room off the judges chambers, by themselves.
Kilgallen's body was discovered by her hairdresser in the 3rd floor bedroom.  But she always slept in the 5th floor bedroom.  She was sitting up in the bed, her make-up, false eyelashes and hair were all in place, as if she were going out.  She was wearing a matching pegniour and robe.  Her hairdresser said she always wore pajamas and old socks to bed.  It was a large bed, and she was directly in the middle, where she couldn't reach the drink on her nightstand.  There were 2 policeman sitting in a car outside the townhouse.  The medical examiner said she had high levels of alcohol and barbituates, but left the death undetermined.  Later, traces of Nembutal were found on the glass.  Secobarbitol, amobarbitol and pentobarbital were found in tissue samples.  She only had one of the drugs on her nightstand.  She had a book with her, but she wasn't wearing her reading glasses which she needed.  She had a bruise on her right shoulder.  The bedroom door was locked.  Her husband and children were asleep floors away.  This is not an open and shut case of overdose.  Not by a longshot.

Posner writes "David Ferrie (brain aneurysm) was mistakenly and repeatedly linked to Oswald.  Marrs lists the cause of death fro the eccentric adventurer as "blow to neck, ruled accidental."  The coroner's report and death certificate show it was an aneurysm, with no foul play involved."

Jim Garrison was in the middle of his investigation and had put David Ferrie in protective custody.  He inexplicably released Ferrie from protective custody on Feb. 1st 1967.  Feb. 2nd, the next day, Ferrie is found in his apartment dead of an aneurysm.  Those "brain aneurysms" have incredible timing.  He also had a couple of partial suicide notes among his papers, but never finished them.

Posner writes, "Dr. Mary Sherman (house fire) had no connection to the case, though she was acquainted with David Ferrie.  Marrs ssays she was "possibly shot".  According to the medical records, she was killed in an accidental fire, and there was no gunshot wound on her body."

Read Doctor Mary's Monkey.  Mary Sherman was murdered, and her body set on fire.  Her arm and half of her body had been incinterated by some incredibly hot fire or electric burn, but the burn marks in the room she was found in were almost negligible.  She was alive after the initial burn and someone stabbed her in the heart with a long needle under the ribs.  Accidental fire?  Don't think so.

Posner writes, "Johnny Roselli (murdered) was a mafia liaison with the CIA in its efforts to assassinate Castro."
Roselli began to spill the beans about the attempts by CIA/Mafia groups to kill Castro.  He also began to give information about the JFK assassination.  April 23rd, 1976, he gives his testimony to the SSCIA.  The committee wanted to recall him as a witness 3 months later, but he goes missing on July 28.  Aug 9 his decomposed body is discovered floating in an oil drum in a Miami bay.  Coincidence?  No.

Posner writes, "George de Mohrenschildt (suicide), Oswald's closest Dallas friend, is included although he gave extensive testimony to the Warren Commission, as well as press interviews in succeeding years".

March 29, 1977, de Mohrenschildt gives an interview to Edward J Epstein admitting that he was working with the CIA and that they gave the go-ahead to mentor Oswald.  That same morning, Gaeton Fonzi, investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, gives de Mohrenschildt his card and asks to arrange a meeting with him  That afternoon, he supposedly shoots himself in the mouth with a shotgun.  On his recorder that is recording an audio of a TV show, a door alarm is heard, footsteps are heard and then the shot.  Yes he already gave extensive testimony to the WC and press interviews, but his recent interviews show he was now willing to talk about the CIA and his own involvement with Oswald.  Yes, his daughter thought he was crazy to talk this way, but his wife said he didn't commit suicide and that Oswald was involved with US intelligence somehow.

Posner has an agenda and ignores evidence that points to conspiracy.

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