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The Kennedy Assassinations

There are still 2 major, unsolved political assassinations in the USA. John and Robert Kennedy.

The most disturbing problem is not that they're unsolved, since there are lots of unsolved murders, but that there seems to be a large contingent of people in a position to investigate further, who simply dismiss any evidence to the contrary of the official solution.


While I understand the desire of public officials to protect the image of the US government and it's agencies, I think that they've made a big mistake when it comes to ignoring and distorting the truth in order to retain civil order. They've kept the US citizen in ignorance for far too long, and it is time for us to grow up and face the facts.


There are just a few facts about the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy that can be thoroughly relied on. Amid all the conjecture and “stories” that a variety of people have told about the incidents, there ARE absolute facts that prove conspiracy in both cases.

The first “absolute fact” that proves conspiracy in John Kennedy's assassination is the Zapruder film.

 This film was not available for viewing by the US public for 12 years after the assassination. Only government officials and investigators were allowed to view it. Since it's release to the general public, there have been many theories, conjectures and imaginings that have little meaning. But there is one “absolute fact” that cannot be ignored any longer.

 The Warren Commission claimed that Governor Connally was shot with the same bullet that passed through President Kennedy's neck. If you view the entire film and see the actions and reactions of Governor Connally and President Kennedy, compare that to Governor Connally's sworn testimony any reasonable person can see that Governor Connally is telling the truth.

  Frame 223 is the frame where everything still seems normal.  You can see that Jackie has turned toward her husband John (who is blocked by the roadsign) indicating something might have happened to him. 

Frame 225 shows John Kennedy emerging from behind the sign.  His mouth is wide open, gasping for air, and his hands begin to move to his neck.  He has obviously just been shot through the neck.  The Warren Commission would have us believe that the bullet that just passed through the President's neck, also passed through Governor Connally's back just below his right armpit, breaking a rib and puncturing his lung, tearing up his right wrist, and lodging in his left thigh.  Their proof is his coat lapel flopping forward as shown in frame 225.  Governor Connally's wife Nelly began pulling on his suit jacket as soon as she heard the first shot up by the corner which missed completely.  That is what causes the lapel to flop forward, not a bullet.  The real issue is the Governor's facial and body reaction to being seriously wounded in 3 separate body parts.  There IS no reaction. 

The bullet would have passed through them both almost the same instant, yet President Kennedy is gasping and reaching for his throat and Connally still sits straight up, staring forward.  NO REACTION.  The WC (Warren Commission) claimed that Connally had a "delayed" reaction to the wounds.  Having delayed reaction to a paper cut or even an accidental knife slice is possible and common, but the force it took for a bullet to break a rib, pass through his wrist and stop in his thigh would at least cause a grimace.  Yes, he lurches forward a little, but he testified that he heard the shot and that is what caused him to raise his arms.

Connally said that he heard the shot, twisted around to his right to look at Kennedy, and then began to turn back to the front when he was struck by the bullet that injured him.  Let's see what the film shows.

Here they are in frame 228, JFK has both hands on his throat, but Governor Connally is still straight up looking forward.  The Zapruder camera ran at 18 frames per second so that means that only about 1/2 second has passed since JFK was hit.

Frame 230 shows John Kennedy desperately clutching his throat, but Governor Connally is still sitting up, looking forward... but in his right hand held in front of him we can clearly see him holding his big, white cowboy hat.  But the WC claims his right wrist has already been very damaged by a bullet.  Does anyone else see a problem here?  Some claim that Connally held his hat all the way to Parkland Hospital.  Nelly's statement was that he had his hat in his hand.  That hat was always somewhere.  When Nelly pulls her husband over to her as he's being shot he's in a lying position and his hat is resting on him.  After he's shot, she covers him with her own body, sandwiching the hat between them, and unwittingly applying direct pressure with the hat over the wound, which staunched the flow of blood and probably saved his life.  But I still don't think that he would have been able to hold onto his hat the way he is in frame 230 with the wrist damage that he took.  In other words, the wrist damage came a few seconds later.

In frame 235, almost a second after Kennedy is hit, Connally brings his left arm across his body to grab the doorframe in preparation to turn around and see what's happening with Kennedy. 

In frame 246 & 248, roughly 1 1/2 seconds after JFK is shot through the neck, Connally is twisted to his right and yelling something to the Kennedys.  Jackie now realizes something is seriously wrong and has put her arm up on her husband.  When the film is viewed normally, you can see through the motion that Governor Connally is yelling something to the back.

In frame 257, Governor Connally is twisted around to his right, looking behind him, just as he testified.  The amount of pain this would cause him with a bullet wound in his upper chest, a broken rib and a punctured lung is considerable.  Certainly he would've noticed that he'd been shot by now and had life-threatening wounds, but he is still yelling back to President Kennedy.  Jackie Kennedy seems to be pulling her husband's hand, and looking toward Governor Connally.

Although the car dips low in the camera at frame 289, Connally starts to turn back toward the front and Jackie has hold of John with both hands.

Frame 296, just before he gets turned forward, his head falls back and he opens his mouth in shock and pain.  This is the frame in which Connally is shot.  It also exactly coincides with Connally's testimony and the testimony of his wife.  They both said he wasn't shot until he begins to turn forward and this is the moment.  He falls back toward his wife as Jackie tries to inspect John's throat wound.

From frame 296 where Governor Connally is shot, to frame 312, is exactly 1 second.  Then frame 313.

Kennedy's head explodes out the right upper side.  1 second between the bullet that struck Connally and the bullet that struck Kennedy.  A bolt-action sniper rifle cannot be responsible for both shots.  Lee Harvey Oswald (if he was one of the snipers) could not be shooting alone.  There are at least 2 shooters.  This is straight forward visual proof with corroborating testimony from Governor Connally and his wife.  But no, the WC insists that Governor Connally doesn't know when he was shot, and that Nellie Connally is mistaken when she says he was shot after he began to turn back around.  Especially since it proves that there was more than one shooter  .It is not a theory, or a conspiracy nut's imagination, it is absolute and incontravertable. Best Zapruder film version 
Who else is involved with the conspiracy is really the unanswered question, but there WAS a conspiracy and its time for us to face that as a nation.

Five years later, 1968, John's brother Robert Kennedy is assassinated.

 Sirhan Sirhan waited for him to walk through the pantry, raised his gun and shot at Robert Kennedy emptying his 8 round gun clip. There were quite a few eyewitnesses. Kennedy's security team immediately pinned Sirhan Sirhan to the nearest counter, but he managed to empty his clip in the direction of Kennedy.

 The PROBLEM is with the coroner's report versus the eyewitness accounts of Sirhan Sirhan. Dr. Thomas Naguchi, LA coroner, did a thorough forensic investigation.  He found that the fatal shot was fired upward, through the skull, with the muzzle just behind the right ear within 1-2 inches of the skull.

There were two more shots fired into Kennedy, from below moving up through his shoulder and neck. The LAPD conclude that Kennedy dove away from the gun, and that's how his wounds ended up at that angle. BUT that doesn't explain the powder burns on Kennedy's skin below the ear, leading Naguchi to conclude the shot was within 1-2 inches. All the eyewitnesses say that Sirhan Sirhan was at least 3 to 5 feet away from Robert Kennedy.

It is not possible for Sirhan Sirhan to have hit Kennedy with the fatal shot in the skull if the eyewitnesses and the LA coroner are to be believed. That means there was a second shooter, one right beside Robert Kennedy.

 There was a man, Thane Eugene Cesar, who was leading Kennedy through the Pantry, who drew a gun. A few witnesses testified that they saw someone shoot Kennedy from behind. There was no definitive proof that it was Cesar, but it was someone and Cesar had ahold of his arm most of the time.

But no matter who you believe was involved, it was impossible for Sirhan Sirhan to have caused the fatal wounds to Robert Kennedy from where he was standing. It is again, “absolute proof” that Robert Kennedy was killed by an elaborate conspiracy, just like his brother John. Not a nutty theory or a misunderstanding, but absolute and incontravertable.

In both assassinations, there is a strong possibility that elements of the Mafia and/or the CIA were involved directly. It is also very likely that high ranking government officials and widespread investigative collusion are involved in the cover-up of evidence that points to a conspiracy in both cases. Most records have been sealed from the public many years for “national security” reasons, although I believe that what some deem “national security” I would deem “hiding the guilty”. If members of our government have committed crimes in the name of “national security” then the Nation we live in is no longer “Secure”. We are being controlled and manipulated and told to look the other way when we see something wrong. This is not security. It is called despotism.



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